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Bonus Scene 6

Hi Darlings! *Wipes cobwebs off website* Life has a funny way of getting in the way of writing, and for the past few weeks I’ve been taking some time away to recuperate after the rush of working on Blurred Lines. Between personal issues, and feeling mentally exhausted, I haven’t been able to get much work done. BUT, I’m slowly starting to get my mojo back, […]

Bonus Scene #5

Hi Darlings! This is my 2nd last bonus scene for The Line Between and Blurred Lines – if I don’t stop now, I’ll just keep writing 😉 I have an exciting new book on my head that I am DYING to start, but won’t do so until THESE characters have their ending…. So here is Bonus Scene 5… It’s the night of Kennedy and Dane’s […]

Bonus Scene 4

Hi darlings 🙂 it’s Saturday night, and I’m about to settle down with a new book. I wanted to pop in and post another Bonus Scene! I’ve been planning my next book – which I can’t wait to start sharing! – but haven’t been able to start writing it because I’m still very much fixated on my two fave couples 😉 I have two more […]

Bonus Scene #3 – Blurred Lines

Bonus Scene #3 – Blurred Lines

Hi Darlings 🙂 It has been a crazy week, but I’ve had these two characters on my mind all day – I just can’t seem to stop writing about them <3 I loved this scene, and I’m excited to say I think they have one more 😉 Don’t worry though, Dane and Kennedy are next so keep an eye out for the next bonus scene […]

Bonus Scene #2

Hi darlings!   After a much needed break, I have returned to my office and have started getting ready for a whole new adventure 🙂 This week I’ll be posting a few bonus scenes, including a Grande Finale for both couples from The Line between, and Blurred Lines. Many people have asked me if I have more books planned for this series, and the answer […]

Blurred Lines – Chapter 4

Blurred Lines – Chapter 4

Hi Darlings! Today I’m sharing the final chapter for Blurred Lines (The Line Between 1.5) before the book is published on Monday 🙂 This book has taken me on quite the roller coaster, and what I thought was going to be a novella turned out to be a full length novel instead. It has been rather stressful, simply because I don’t want anyone to be […]

#Updates & #BonusScenes

Hi Darlings!!   I wanted to give everyone an update on Blurred Lines (The Line Between 1.5/2). I have been inundated with emails asking when it will be released, and all I can say right now is THIS MONTH. I won’t set a date until it’s finished, and I am in fact VERY close to the end. The reason it’s taking longer than I planned […]