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Life has a funny way of getting in the way of writing, and for the past few weeks I’ve been taking some time away to recuperate after the rush of working on Blurred Lines. Between personal issues, and feeling mentally exhausted, I haven’t been able to get much work done. BUT, I’m slowly starting to get my mojo back, and can’t wait to share my upcoming story with you. It’s a little out of my comfort zone, but after returning to my favorite characters and writing some more bonus material, I realized how much I miss being in my fictional world. These characters have embedded themselves so deeply that I can’t imagine saying good-bye, but all good things have to run their course, and come to an end. I believe that both Dane & Kenned and Jade & Reid have been given the stories they deserve, and as much as I would love to write sequels for both couples, I feel that their stories have come to an end that I’m happy with. This year has been life-changing in many ways, and I’m excited for what comes next. Again, thank you for loving these books, my characters, and for continuously supporting the work that I do. I am profoundly blessed to be able to do what I love and love what I do.

~ Tamsyn ~

This is the second-last Bonus Scene for both The Line Between and Blurred Lines. Thank you for being so patient!


Bonus Scene 6


I snuck into the nursery, and left Kennedy to sleep. She was exhausted, and if I was being honest, so was I. But I wanted to do this.
We’d only been home from the hospital for two days, and the twins were doing well. They were born at thirty-six weeks, and Kennedy had been lucky to experience an easy pregnancy, but after our son was born, they rushed Kennedy into theatre for an emergency caesarian. Baby girl was in distress, which they assured us was common after she went through two rounds or uterine contractions.
Adrian Charleston Winters was born at a healthy five pounds, and his sister, Evelynn Jewel Winters, followed close behind at four and a half pounds. Despite her rough entrance into the world, she came in screaming, and fighting, and I couldn’t remember a prouder moment.
Both babies spent eleven days in a special care nursery until they gained some weight, and when our OB/GYN was happy with their progress she sent us home. Kennedy and I were both nervous, but I knew we would adjust, the same way we’d adjusted to everything else thrown at us.
I leaned over the crib, the white clouds on the walls illuminated by the small lamp on the table beside the two-seater recliner. I’d spent a month getting the nursery ready, and when I was done, I took Kennedy shopping for the baby furniture she wanted. In the end we settled for matching Driftwood cribs with a Whitewash finish that came with matching changing tables. The color worked with the pale yellows and greens I’d used to paint the room, giving it a serene and calm feeling. When the babies were older, we’d put them in their own rooms, but for now we were happy to have them together.
Evelynn stirred, and when her face scrunched up, I placed my hand on her chest until I could feel the steady beat of her little heart beneath my palm. She was definitely the louder of the two, and the thought of her one-day using that spitfire attitude to boss her brother around made me smile. Her blue eyes opened, and when they landed on me she immediately stopped fussing.
“Hi baby girl,” I murmured. “It’s just Daddy.”
She watched me, penetrating me with her gaze, and I felt my chest swell. There was nothing more grounding than staring into the eyes of your child, and feeling the bond tug at your insides, knowing that you would do anything to protect her. I felt the same way every time I looked at Adrian too, but it was different with a little girl.
Especially my little girl.
Her little mouth puckered, and I checked my watch. It was late, but it was just about time for their next feed. Adrian was still asleep, so with careful movements I placed Evelynn in my hands and lifted her to my chest. She felt so small in my arms, but I couldn’t help feeling larger than life when I held her.
After retrieving one of the bottles from the refrigerator, I warmed it, and went back to the nursery. I sat down in the recliner, positioned Evelynn in my arm, and started feeding. While she drank, I couldn’t help but stare at her features. The nose that belonged to Kennedy, the lips that were mine. It was unfathomable to think that something – someone – so perfect could come from two people who had pasts like ours.
But I believed we’d walked those paths so that we’d end up right here.
I looked up and saw Kennedy leaning against the door.
“Hi.” I smiled. “Thought I’d feed them this time.”
“We can do it together,” she replied. She disappeared, and then came back with another bottle for Adrian. She lifted him from his crib, smiling widely when he started fussing, and sat down beside me. We sat in a companionable silence, both caught up in the wonder of finally having our babies home.

We’d taken our time choosing their names, and when we’d chosen their middle names it made us both emotional. We wanted the twins to know who their aunt and uncle were, how our lives had been connected from the beginning, and hopefully some day we’d be able to explain the significance of it all. We also wanted them to know that they had been given two of the best Guardian Angels, and that they would always be looked after.
After we’d put the babies back to bed, Kennedy led me back to our bedroom. She looked amazing in my long-sleeved button up shirt, and her cotton panties, but what made her look even better was the way her body had filled out while carrying our children. Her hips were a little wider, her breasts a little fuller, and even though it would be a while before we go the okay to have sex again, I couldn’t help but touch her every chance I got. We settled under the covers, and Kennedy rested her chin on my chest, and wriggled around a little until she got comfortable.
“You okay?” I asked, careful not to jostle her in case she was in pain.
“I’m great,” she replied with a wide smile. “Exhausted, but so happy.”
I kissed her nose. “Good.”
“But I can tell something’s on your mind.”
I hesitated, and then let out a low chuckle. Nothing escaped her, and until now I’d been careful not to show her what was going on in my head. Everything had happened so fast, and Kennedy never allowed it to bother her. She took to motherhood the way I knew she would but I was afraid to admit that I was a little intimidated by being a father. I hadn’t had the best example growing up, and I always thought I’d have a little more time before having kids of my own, but I couldn’t grasp the magnitude of it all until our babies were finally here.
“You know you can tell me anything,” said Kennedy, her eyes filled with patience and understanding. Even after all this time, the way she had a direct line to my thoughts still amazed me.
I sighed, and moved onto my side so that we were eye-to-eye.
“I’m scared,” I admitted quietly. “I’m worried that I’m going to be the same kind of father to our babies that mine was to me.” Kennedy opened her mouth, but I put my finger on her lips to stop her from speaking just yet.
“Let me get this out,” I continued. “What I feel for them already is terrifying, and I’m scared that somewhere along the way I’m going to mess up. I just don’t want to be anything like him. I want our babies to always come to me when they need to, even when they’re in trouble. I want them to trust me, and trust that I will take care of them no matter what. I want them to see how much I love you, and show Adrian how to treat a woman, and show Evelynn how a man should treat her. I don’t want them to be tainted by who I was before you, or the things I did to you because I’m not proud of that.”
Kennedy cupped my face, and rubbed her thumb over my lips.
“You are already more to them than your father ever was, and some day they will see the kind of man you are. Some day we’ll tell them the story of us, but it’s the story we’re writing right now. They will know their daddy loves me, that he fought for me, for us, and they’ll know what real love is because you give it to them every day, because you give it to me every day. I couldn’t have chosen a better man to be the father of my children, and I didn’t think I could love you more, until we had our babies. They’re everything I’ve ever dreamed of, and so are you, Dane.”
I swallowed, but didn’t hide the emotion on my face. Kennedy knew what to say, and her words, the depth with which she felt them, made me believe I was everything she thought I was.
“We’re writing our story,” I replied simply, entwining our fingers together and bringing them to rest over my heart.
Kennedy gave me her shy smile, and shifted a little closer until I could feel her body heat colliding with mine.
“Every day,” she replied. “And until the day I take my last breath, I know our life, and our story will be nothing short of epic.”


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