Bonus Scene #5

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Hi Darlings! This is my 2nd last bonus scene for The Line Between and Blurred Lines – if I don’t stop now, I’ll just keep writing 😉 I have an exciting new book on my head that I am DYING to start, but won’t do so until THESE characters have their ending…. So here is Bonus Scene 5… It’s the night of Kennedy and Dane’s wedding, and she has some pretty special news to share 😉 I will be posting the last two bonus scene’s this week (hopefully tomorrow, and tuesday!) so keep your eyes peeled 🙂 The finally bonus scene is going to be pretty awesome… 😉 Again, I want to thank you all for the love and support you have shown this series. <3 I’m sad to say goodbye to these characters, they have taught me a great deal about my craft, but I’m also excited to be starting a new journey, with two new characters that I know you will love <3

~ Tam ~

Bonus Scene #5



2 years after Kennedy’s graduation…


Dane kissed his way down my neck, trailing his hands down the lace of my wedding gown. We had a small ceremony, just with our close family and friends, and I couldn’t be happier that he was finally my husband. We’d waited another year, until Dane and I both had jobs and a house of our own, and I was glad for that. Dane got a job at an architecture firm in town, and I started working at the local elementary school after obtaining my degree in educational psychology. Life was great, and it was about to get a whole lot better.

“We finally did it,” Dane murmured, bringing his lips back up to mine. I brushed my fingers through his hair, and moaned into his mouth when his tongue brushed mine. I broke away, breathless, and needy.

“You going to help me out of this dress anytime soon, Mr. Winters?”

He looked at me with his clear blue eyes, and grinned. “Do you have a present under this dress for me, Mrs. Winters?”

My stomach fluttered, and my breath got caught in my throat. Did he know?

“Maybe,” I shrugged, trying to hide my nervousness.

“You look beautiful,” he whispered, raking his heated gaze down my dress and back up. I was wearing a short sleeve, off the shoulder A-line gown with a sweetheart bodice and lace neckline. It had a beaded waistband, and a sweeping train with scalloped lace trimming. My hair was curled, and clipped up on one side, with the long ringlets hanging over my shoulder.

What made me smile though, was seeing the way Dane’s chest expanded once I appeared at the end of the isle. He’d kept his gaze on me as Beau walked me to the altar and never looked away until we were declared husband and wife.

I turned around slowly, and waited for Dane to lower the zip along my back. I cradled the bodice in my arms, and faced him.

“Give me a minute?” I asked.

He nodded, and I disappeared into the en suite bathroom of the bridal suite at the hotel where we’d be spending the night. Our honeymoon didn’t start for two more days, and all I knew was that we were flying somewhere. Dane wouldn’t divulge any more information than that.

I dropped my dress, and carefully hung it on the hook behind the door before glancing at my reflection in the mirror. My cheeks were flushed – a mixture of pure joy, and anxiety – and my eyes were glassy. I brushed my hands down the front of my corset, thumbing the two extra features that Jade had added for me only this morning.

I swallowed, and hoped that it wasn’t too soon, that Dane would be able to adjust to the big change ahead right alongside me.

A soft knock at the door pulled me from my thoughts.

“You okay in there, Kitten?” Dane’s voice was soft on the other side of the closed door, but I picked up on the concern.

“I’ll be right out,” I replied, turning back to the mirror. I removed the clip from my hair, and fingered my curls until they tumbled over both my shoulders and down to my breasts. I took a deep breath, steeling my nerves.

“Close your eyes,” I told Dane, peaking around the door. He was sitting on the bed with his shirt undone. The sight of him already had me rubbing my thighs together. After almost four years together, he still made my blood boil in the most delicious way, and still filled my heart to the brim.

“They’re closed,” he said. He looked so boyish then, and my heart skipped in my chest knowing he was mine.

I stepped out of the bathroom, and came to a stop in front of him.

“You can open your eyes now,” I told him.

His eyes opened, and darted to my face, his mouth twisting into a soft smile. I waited with bated breath as he took me in, and when his eyes stopped on my stomach, my heart stuttered. Jade had sewn two silk hearts onto my corset over my belly, one pink and one blue.

Dane’s brows knitted in confusion. “What….”

His gaze darted up when realization hit, and by that time I was already crying. I was scared, nervous and so excited, and waiting for him to say something only made the butterflies in my belly intensify.

“I hope you don’t mind sharing me….” I trailed off.

“Does that mean…we’re…you’re…. a baby?”

I laughed lightly, and lifted my fingers. “Babies.”

Dane gripped my hips, and pulled me forward, resting his forehead on my belly. “Twins?”

“Twins,” I replied softly. “I know it’s early, and we just got married, but – ”

Dane cut me off when he stood abruptly and pressed his lips against mine. It was brief, but filled with all the reassurance I needed.

“Best wedding present ever,” he murmured, brushing my tears from my cheeks.



Dane made quick work of removing my corset, and chucked his clothes so that were naked, skin-on-skin. He laid me down on the plush king size bed, and brought his mouth down to my belly. I was only eight weeks along, but it wouldn’t be long before I started showing.

“Twins,” he repeated, his face alight with wonder. His lips brushed the skin just above my navel, and I whimpered.

He moved up, and covered me with his body. I wrapped my legs around him, moaning when his mouth caught mine. He sunk into me at a deliciously slow pace until my body held all of him.

“I love you, wife.”

I smiled, loving the way that sounded. “I love you, husband.”

He rocked back into me, his eyes locked on mine as he made love to me. I clawed at his skin, silently demanding that he moved faster, but he ignored my pleas, and continued to torture me until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please,” I begged breathlessly. “I need…”

Dane shook his head. “I want this to last forever.”

He rotated his hips, his apa touching me so, so deep.

“Yes,” I cried out. “God, yes, right there.”

Dane met my eyes, brushing his nose against mine as his movements slowed, and evened out.

“I promise to love you like this every day for the rest of my life,” his breath stuttered, “And I promise to be the best father to our babies. I promise to be your forever.”

His words brought tears to my eyes, and I kissed him fiercely, pouring all the love I could muster into that single breath. Dane’s hands tilted my hips up, and with that one movement we fell apart together.

My heart raced, but it was in perfect sync with Dane’s, and I realized it was always going to be that way. No matter what happened next, I knew that we would get through it together. Always together.


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