Bonus Scene #3 – Blurred Lines

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Hi Darlings 🙂 It has been a crazy week, but I’ve had these two characters on my mind all day – I just can’t seem to stop writing about them <3 I loved this scene, and I’m excited to say I think they have one more 😉

Don’t worry though, Dane and Kennedy are next so keep an eye out for the next bonus scene :))))


Bonus Scene #3


4 years later…


The house was quiet when I walked in. Too quiet. I threw my keys onto the entryway table, and hung my coat on the door before flicking on the kitchen lights.

“I’m home,” I bellowed. When I was met with nothing but silence I frowned. Reid and Daniela should be home already, but I didn’t see Reid’s car parked outside.

I checked my phone, wondering if he’d sent me text regarding his whereabouts, but when I saw nothing a small knot of worry tightened in my belly. He would have called if something were wrong, right? After almost five years together he knew how I hated worrying.

I blew out a heavy breath, exhausted after a long day at the store. After I’d finished my degree, I decided to open my own baby boutique. Reid helped me find a store in Brighton, and after months of planning ‘Cosita Preciosa’ – Precious Little Thing – was finally ready to open it’s doors. That was two and a half years ago, and so far it had been more successful that I’d initially anticipated. After a year I was able to employ a store manager, and a personal assistant who helped run things so that I could spend more time at home with Daniela. Reid started his own law firm in town, and occasionally helped with the football clinics hosted at the University. A lot had changed since Daniela was born, and some days I struggled to believe I have the life I do.

I walked towards the hallway leading to our bedroom when a light on the deck caught my attention. I backpedaled, and headed outside to our deck. When I found Daniela standing next to Reid with a lantern in her little hand I froze. I made out a few faces around us in the dark, but my gaze was fixed on Reid.

“Hi,” I breathed, my mouth tilting up at the side. “I was wondering where you two were.”

“We were waiting for you,” replied Reid. He smiled, and the shadows from the lantern in our daughter’s hand danced across his handsome face.

“What’s going on?” I asked, taking a step closer.

Reid ignored me, and looked to the side. He nodded at someone, and one by one lanterns started lighting up the faces of our family and friends. I followed them all, until the last one stopped beside Daniela.

“When we were ten,” started Reid, “I made a promise to never leave you, you remember?”

I swallowed the lump in my throat, and nodded yes. It was one of my favorite memories of us growing up.

“That was the night everything changed. I knew I loved you, even if I didn’t understand it.” Reid stepped closer, his hand wrapped firmly around Daniela’s. “We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs over the years, and right before we finally started figuring it all out, you gave me the most amazing gift I could have ever asked for.” He looked down at Daniela, who was quite oblivious to what was happening, and the first tear slipped down my cheek. I didn’t dare look away from Reid because this moment was too perfect to break. When his head lifted, he took another step closer and I held my breath, my hands in front of my mouth. “I’m only a man, but I’m a man who loves a woman with everything he has. I’m a man who wants to give you forever, and then some, and continue to live this life with you until our time is up. I’m not me without you, Jade. You make me want to be a better man to you, and a better father to our little girl,” – I squeezed my eyes closed, knowing that he was already everything Daniela and I needed, and that he was going to be a father to one more – “So, I was wondering,” – he bent down on one knee, and our guests gasped right along with me – “If you will allow me to add ‘husband’ to that list.”

He looked at Daniela and whispered something in her ear. She nodded and handed her lantern to my mother, who was standing at her side. When she turned back to look at Reid, she opened her hands, and he placed a black box in the middle of her little palms. He whispered something in her ear again, and then his eyes locked on mine as Daniela approached me. I looked at her, smiling, tears running down my cheeks, my heart beating so hard I was sure it was going to break a rib.

She lifted her hands. “Mommy, will you marry us?”

A sob broke free, and I looked between Daniela, and Reid. He got up, and joined her, reaching down to take the ring from the box.

“I think it’s about time you became Mrs. Cole,” he murmured, slipping the exquisite platinum band with a Princess-cut diamond onto my shaking finger. He knew my answer, that it would undoubtedly be the same every time.

“Yes,” I whispered. I threw my arms around his neck, and sealed my mouth over his. The applause around us was deafening, but in that moment there was no one else. Just me, and Reid –

A small hand tugged at my shirt, and I broke away from Reid to look down at Daniela. “Mommy, I want a hug too!”

Laughter echoed around us, and Reid bent down to scoop her into his arms. He hugged us both close, and pressed another kiss against my lips.

“Took you long enough,” I whispered. He grinned, his eyes bright with love and happiness.

“I’m sorry I kept you waiting,” he replied.

I shook my head. “I would have waited forever if that’s what it took.”

Our moment was broken when our friends, and family joined us, enveloping us in a group hug. They stayed a while, congratulating us, and when Reid told me Daniela was spending the night with his parents, my excitement and apprehension doubled.

I had a surprise of my own.


** ** ** ** **


I collapsed onto Reid’s chest, trying to calm my breathing. His arms wrapped around my back, and his heart thundered under my cheek.

“Holy shit,” he exhaled into my hair. “That was, what, six?”

I giggled, and turned my head to press a kiss between his pecs. I licked his nipple, and he groaned. “I’m going to need at least an hour to recover, so don’t do that.”

My teeth nipped the hard bud, and he stirred between my legs.

“Jade,” he warned. I squeezed my muscles around his semi-hard length, and he responded by slapping my butt cheek.

I leaned forward, and kissed him. “I’ll behave,” I breathed against his lips. “But only long enough for you to get your energy back. I plan on making use of the fact that we have the house to ourselves.”

Reid smiled, the moonlight brightening the gleam in his eyes, and lifted my left hand to his mouth. His lips brushed my ring, and I couldn’t help the idiotic grin that took over my face.

“You said yes.” His voice was quiet, reverent.

“Of course I did. You doubted I would?”

He pulled me down so that we were chest-to-chest again.

“Never,” he replied, threading his fingers through my tangled hair. “It’s official now.”

My brows furrowed as a folded my hands under my chin. “What is?”

“Our family,” he said. “The Cole’s.” His face lit up. “You, me, and our Princess.”

“Actually,” – I inhaled. “It’s going to be you, me, Princess, and maybe a little Prince.”

Reid’s mouth dropped open, and he sat up. I followed, resting my hands on his abs. I looked down, and bit my lip.

“Jade?” Reid tipped my chin. “Does that mean…”

I nodded. “I found out today.”

I moved my hands when his palms flatted over my stomach. “You’re pregnant?”

I nodded, and let a tearful laugh escape from my mouth. We hadn’t planned it, but we tried for almost a year to get pregnant again, and when I thought it wasn’t going to happen, I found out during a routine check up that I was already twelve weeks along. I skipped a period, but chalked it down to stress because I wasn’t experiencing any morning sickness at all. I’d never been happier to learn that I was wrong.

“Twelve weeks, and I think it’s a boy.”

“A boy,” muttered Reid, tracing his fingers over my flat abdomen. I brushed my hands through his hair, and allowed him to process the news.

“Are you happy?” I asked quietly, wondering if the timing was off. We were both busy, and he was still traveling quite a bit for work, but I wanted this more than anything. We’d agreed to wait until Daniela was older and at least until our lives were a little more settled than what it was when she was born.

Reid’s head lifted, and his eyes were wet. “Happy?” he repeated, his voice hoarse. “Baby, I’m…” he shook his head, “Happy doesn’t even begin to describe it. We’re really having another baby?”

I kissed his lips. “Yes, Mr. Cole. You knocked me up again.”

He chuckled, and brushed my hair from my face. “Just when I think you couldn’t top agreeing to be my wife, you surprise me. You blow me away, you know that right?” He stared into my eyes, giving me his heart, his soul, his body all over again. “How did I get so lucky?”

I smiled, and spoke softly. “I’m the lucky one, Reid. You’re my soul mate, and my best friend, and if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t believe in all that mushy shit. But I do, because waking up to this life with you, and our children is my happy ever after.”

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